Monday, September 8, 2014

Stitch and Flip Tutorial


After my post on the Stitch and Flip baby quilts last week I had a few emails asking about the process so thought I would share it in a tutorial to keep on my sidebar.    Even since I got my longarm I have wanted to try this method as I knew it would be a fast method to making comfort quilts for charities.    I recently purchases a cute fabric collection called Precious from the Fabric Shack, it was only $4.98/yd.   I bought 1/2 yard cuts of 7 fabrics and cut each fabric into one 6” strip WOF and four 3” strips.  I was able to make three baby quilts.



So here is the method, warning this is very addictive, I have now made 13 baby quilts for our guild to donate to the Elk’s Christmas hampers.


First load the backing and batting onto your longarm and using Channel Locks, if you have them, stitch the batting to the backing.


Next place the first strip of fabric next to the stitching line you just made when attaching the batting to the backing.  I used this as a guide for keeping my first strip straight.  I then stitch down the first strip along the top.


Layer the next fabric strip right, sides together, and stitch along the bottom with a 1/4” seam allowance using your Channel Locks.


Now flip back the second fabric and repeat.


Once you get to the last strip down stitch the bottom edge.


If your making more than one quilt you can make the process even quicker by using a long piece of backing and start your second quilt  right under the first one.


The quilt with the 6” wide strips only took a few minutes to stitch up but I like the look of the 3” strips better.

This is a quick and fun method to make beautiful baby quilts and hope this has inspired you to try this method. If you don’t have a longarm I’m sure this could be done on a domestic sewing machine as well.


  1. With a little more time invested, one could sew different fabrics together to make the strips and then sew the strips to the batting and backing, making an entirely different looking quilt! Oh the possibilities! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Exactly Claudia! The possibilities are endless!!

  2. Thank you for taking the time to share. I'm always looking for quick charity quilts and you have hit a home run!