Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Cora Quilt

sd2 - Copy

This is Sandra’s Cora Quilt and it is a pattern designed by Fabriculous Quilt Shop.  I just love the large Ric Rac in the inner border, that really makes this quilt special.   She purchased this as a kit from Fabriculous, here is a link to their website.

sd3 - Copy

Sandra left the quilting design up to me and at first I thought I would do free hand swirl across it as she said this will be a dragger quilt for her granddaughter. But then changed my mind since the batting is Dream Puff and the backing is Minkie, I really wanted this to be a squishy soft quilt for a toddler to drag around, so more open quilting was the way to go.  I decided on a large orange peel design since I had a perfect grid to work with and I also wanted to try more of my new Quilted Pineapple Templates.  This time I tried the 10 inch template and I love how it turned out!    I stitched in all the ditches and around the Ric Rac  and then added a simple X in the outer squares for contrast.

sd5 - Copysd4 - Copysd6 - Copysd1 - Copy


  1. Love, love, love it!!! Awesome quilting, as always!!!!!!!

  2. So pretty! I bet her granddaughter is going to get lots of use out of this beauty!

  3. Love the quilting and the colors. The giant rick rack is gorgeous!

  4. Beautiful, beautiful quilting, Kathy. Sandra is going to be so pleased.

  5. Your quilting design is perfect for this quilt. I imagine it will be much loved!

  6. How gorgeous. Love how you quilted this.

  7. Very cute. Sometimes simpler is the perfect choice.

  8. Kathy I love your work! Do you have a tutorial (or know of one) on continuous circles in squares? I quilt on a domestic machine and haven't yet figured out that "continuous" part lol! Thanks! Melinda

    1. I have a great diagram I could email you if you give me your address. You are a noreplyblogger so I couldn't respond to your comment by email.