Saturday, February 21, 2015

Lug Nuts #3


I’m very excited to share Sandra’s Lug Nuts quilt with you.    Lori and I helped her pick fabric for our pattern at our guilds Quilt Show last April and we ended up doing something different.  The Lug Nuts patterns calls for 3 light fabrics ( same colour), 3 medium fabrics ( same color) and 3 dark fabrics ( same colour).  Well Sandra wanted try something different and we picked three colour but instead of each colour being a light, a medium and a dark, we had 3 colours in each light, medium and dark groups.  Follow so far?  So there was a light, medium and dark in each pink, purple and teal.   I wasn’t sure if this would give the quilt the same effect as our cover quilt but after seeing it done I have no hesitation to say it definitely works!!


Our Highway 10 Designs patterns usually have a masculine feel to them but Sandra’s quilt is very feminine so I wanted to make sure I quilted it with a feminine design.  I chose Deva Vu for the panto and love how it looks!  Used pink So Fine thread on top, white Bottom line for the back and Quilter’s Dream Blend batting.


We are under an extreme cold advisory right now, had –46’windchill this morning but once it dropped to –38’ windchill I ran outside and got a few pictures!



  1. Again a gourgeous quilt - and the sintry landscapes are also stunning!

  2. What a pleasant surprise to see my quilt up on your site today. I just love the quilting

  3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! No I'm not yelling, but squealing with delight! So great to see a fresh take on this pattern. Great job Sandra and Kathy! Hope I get to see this one in person some day!

  4. I like! a lot. The color choices are wonderful and the quilting design used is perfect.

  5. Beautiful. Love the brighter color choices..Loved this pattern from day 1. Just recently saw a new line of fabric that is tugging at me. I don't need new projects. No I don't but this is so tempting. I hear you on the cold. Same temps here.