Monday, March 30, 2015

Four Patch Owls


This is Robin’s Four Patch baby quilt and she used the most adorable Owl fabrics for the focus.    I chose Flirtatious for the panto design as it reminds me of crescent moons so that makes these owls night owls!    I used a soft yellow So Fine thread.


This weekend our neighbour drilled a few holes out in the ice so we could do some ice fishing.  Still about 28” of ice so safe to walk on and most of the snow on top of the ice has melted so that makes for easy walking.  We set a few Tip-Ups in some of the holes and the fished from a few others.  We noticed the flag go up on one Tip-up so both ran over and this is what we pulled out of the lake, a nice sized Northern Pike.  It was able 30” long and 12 lbs.  You can eat Pike but I’m not very good at filleting out all the bones so we let it go.  I prefer Pickerel, already filleted from our local fishery!


I have to admit that it is pretty nice to just walk out our front door and be able to enjoy this!  One of the perks to living in this colder climate.


As you can see I let Tim do all the fishy work, I prefer to be the one taking pictures! 


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  1. That is not a small fish! When people are ice fishing over here they don't catch fish that is even half this size! Love the quilt. I have this owl fabric, and it's so cute!