Thursday, March 19, 2015

Mahjongg #6

This is Jeannie’s Mahjongg quilt that she made at our guild’s Beginner class in the Fall.  She fussy cut the large blocks so the moose were the focus of the largest block.  She used Stonehenge fabrics with really blended well with her focus fabrics.

The pantograph is Fascination, the batting is Warm and Natural, and I used a medium beige So Fine thread.


I’m going to try to add a video to the bottom of this post of the Northern Lights the other night.  My husband took a series of continuous picture and my son made a movie from them.  This way you can see how they move even though the quality of the pictures was reduces to make the movie.  My husband was taking 10 second exposure and taking 10 continuous pictures at a time, I believe he did this three or four times.  If you look at the bottom left corner you see a light flash on and off…that’s me taking pictures closer to our house! 


  1. Wonderful video. Someone here says almost as great as the Athapap Aurora Borealis. It was an awesome night. Thanks to Tim, Andrew and you for capturing this spectacular display.

  2. I hope to see the lights some day!!! How lucky you are! Thanks for the video!

  3. Thanks so much for the Aurora Borealis photos and movie. I don't know that I will ever get to see that in person, so I'm very appreciative that you share your photos.

  4. Fun to see that the same phenomenon on the other side of the globe, too!

  5. Precioso video!!!! Y tus quilts también