Thursday, March 5, 2015

Snow Dyeing 2015

I can’t believe I have gone all winter without a Snow Dyeing post!  For those that are new to my blog I love to dye fabrics and  snow dyeing is one of my favourite methods.  I have a few tutorials on the process that you can see here if you would like to see the method.    This week I have been dyeing and the first piece pictured above is made with Procion MX Slate and Bright Yellow, I mixed the dye powder into the snow.  The snow here is very dry as it is so cold so the dye mixes very well into the snow.
This next picture shows two pieces where I used the same colours of dye (cerulean blue and bright yellow) but different methods.  The one on the left I mixed the dye powder into the snow and the one on the right I mixed the dye powder with water and then poured into the snow.  So depending on the look you are trying to achieve they both turn out very nice.
This next one was inspired by the Northern Lights as they have been quite active this past week and I tried Black, Dark Green and Raspberry.  Well one of the great things about Snow Dyeing is you never know what your going to get and as my son put it I got a piece that looked more like a watermelon!  Smile  I mixed the dye powder in the snow for this one.
This last one is a combination of Cerulean Blue and Fuchsia.   Now one important thing to understand about snow dyeing is blues do not like the cold so when mixed with other colours they tend to get over powered, especially by any pink dye.  So i used half the amount of pink to blue and it still came out very purple!   Used the dye in liquid form for this one.
Here is a close up of the texture created by this method!
If you are now curious about Snow Dyeing please use the Blogger search bar in the upper left corner of the page and type in Snow Dyeing, it will show you all post where I mention Snow Dyeing and share my experiments and process!


  1. WOW! It sparkles when you can see it on top of the snow! Love the colors, and it's so cool to see the texture!

  2. Those colours are A MA ZING! Wish I could do that.

  3. I don't comment very often but wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. Always lots of inspiration and eye candy, thanks for taking the time to share. That snow dyeing looks like fun, but it does not snow very often down here in SE Arizona so we will miss out on a fun looking project. LOL

  4. Some pretty cool results. I can tell you were having a lot of fun. Any projects in mind?

  5. I would love to try this but No snow this way so I wonder what would happen if I used ice cubes instead.

    1. Yes you can use ice!! I did a post on Ice Dyeing you can check out or just Google "ice dyeing"/