Sunday, April 26, 2015

Spoke Too Soon!


Silly me for thinking we were going to have an early spring!   Woke up Saturday to more snow and the lake frozen over again, these are not old pictures but from this weekend.   Today is it raining so hopefully that will get rid of the unwelcomed white stuff!

This is Kay’s Magic Tile quilt and she pieced it with all Christmas themed flannel fabrics.   So I guess the timing of the new snowfall is all that bad, did make a nice backdrop for this quilt. But to be on the safe side I don’t think I’ll accept anymore Christmas/Winter themed quilts until next September! Smile



Kay always asked for a simple stipple on all her quilts, she loves that look so that is what I did.   I used a sage green So Fine thread on top and a gold Bottom Line to match the backing colour.


Please send warm thoughts my way to melt this quicker! 



  1. Eeww! Snow! - I agree, we've had enough of that stuff for a good long while. Beautiful quilt though, and the backdrop is very fitting.

  2. I do not know if I could survive in that weather. I need sun. Yea Southern California!

  3. Great quilt in a pretty setting for a holiday. I am sending my warmest thoughts your way!

  4. So sorry your winter wasn't over yet. Hopefully it is gone by now.