Saturday, April 11, 2015

Pedal to the Metal in Shades of Brown


This is Marg’s Pedal to the Metal quilt and she chose fabrics similar to what we used on our pattern cover.  The focus fabric is a very nice batik with a sea shell print and she made her diamond accents a shade of navy from that print.  I chose Allium for the pantograph design, a medium brown So Fine thread and Quilters Dream Blend batting.



We have been having gorgeous weather the last couple of days, sunny with highs of 16’c so the snow is disappearing fast!    I had to take these pictures early this morning while the snow was still frozen as the lake is now a wet mess!


The Northern Lights have been wonderful this year, we must be on the peak of the 11 year cycle they seem to follow.    I captured this image on Thursday night and there was activity last night too.



  1. Wow, what a gorgeous picture of the sky! Great quilt too.

  2. Wow! This is one of my favorite patterns! I used to sew each such (as I find the time;)), but my quilting certainly will not be as beautiful as yours. Greetings from Poland :)

  3. Oh MAN! I can't believe those lights!! Sure wouldn't wanna live where it was so cold but how fantastic to see that light show. On my bucket list--good to know they cycle every 11 yrs. Oooo, and that quilt! Too beautiful!

  4. It looks good and the panto choice was perfect for that one.