Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Lug Nuts Table Runner


This weekend I whipped up a quick table runner using our Highway 10 Designs Lug Nuts pattern.    It measures 20” x 52” so quite large but good if you have a large table.  I used all batik fabrics and quilted it with feathers and swirls.  Also made a bias binding to work the inner angles nicely.


Our crazy weather continues and I’m now enjoying sunny 20’ temps for the next few days.  So now that all the snow is gone I’m having some fun taking pictures in areas that have been buried under snow for the last 6 months.


When I mentioned my favourite rock outcrop in a post a week ago there was  request to see the whole rock so I’m happy to oblige.   As you can see my whole Shack was built on this outcrop.


Thought this last picture showed the layers well but then realized you can see another interesting feature that is common in our area that is running vertical.    Can you see the parallel grooves?  Those striations are created by advancing glaciers 8,000 to 15,000 years ago. They show the direction the ice was moving, the grooves were created by rocks and gravel at the bottom of the glacier being dragged across the outcrop.  That’s your geology lesson for the day! Smile



  1. It's a very pretty runner. Interesting rock formations!

  2. Love the runner...the rock texture is mesmerizing...I see a quilting design.

  3. I am south and east from you and also live in part of that same great formation. Very fascinating to learn more about the formation but not in classroom setting. Your lug nuts runner is very striking.

  4. Thanks for the gift idea! I want to make something for my sister's birthday that would be quick to make and pretty and well, something that she would USE!!! The table runner would be perfect. Love your designer rock! Where I am, we have rocks, river rocks...TONS of them. Nothing quite so pretty as your outcropping though.

  5. Your photographs always show off your beautiful quilting in a very creative way. What a lovely landscape around your home and studio! It must be quite inspirational.

  6. Thanks for the geology lesson! I think maybe I should have paid more attention in school - I might have learned something more about our wonderful country. I just love your table runner, the quilting sets it off beautifully.