Monday, November 30, 2015

Catawampus Quilt

This is Lynn’s Catawampus Quilt and the pattern is by Freckled Whimsy, you can find it here.    The fabric line she used is called Felicity by Cynthia Coulter.  She asked for custom quilting so I quilted a free hand feather motif in the white areas and since the square of print fabric were all different sizes I just highlighted the diagonal design by added three lines.  Quilting diagonal lines on a longarm is a bit of a pain but so worth it on this quilt!
The ice is finally 4 inches thick so safe to walk on by the shore. I had my son out there with me just in case!
I wanted to share a tip with you about how I marked the feather motif without really marking it!  There is a great tool called the Clover Hera Marker and what it does is just leave a indent in the fabric, no ink!   Here is the tool and the ruler I used.  I marked two diagonal lines first to find the center and to use as a guide to keep my feathers contained in that quarter section.  Then I did two more lines, horizontal and vertical, to use as my center guide for my feathers.
So I now have lines to use as a guide with no worries of having to remove later!  Love this tool.
I then free hand quilted the feathers making sure I did the same number of plumes in each section so they balanced.
You can see the colour of the fabrics so much nicer in the indoor pictures!  This is my last custom quilt before my December break.  I have two more quilts to finished and then I can work on my own projects!


  1. I saw your post on Instagram, I'm lovinglymade1. I inspected as best I could and my conclusion, the feathers must be computer generated. Opps, was I ever wrong. They are fabulous!!!! Great idea using the Hera marker. I recently purchased one but haven't used it yet. I should get it out and use it on the quilt I'm machine quilting.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous quilting and I love the fabric and pattern.
    Fantastic yet again Kathy.

  3. I think I have a Hera marker...but have never used it. Looks like I need to find it and give it a try. Thanks for the hint.

  4. Beautiful. The diagonal lines were worth it, and the feathers are gorgeous.

  5. Gorgeous!! Love this pattern you quilted ..and the tips.

  6. I'm with ya on the thoughts regarding the hera marker!!! I've used it in dressmaking for years and it's my "go to" for exactly the type of marking you did. Beautifully done, my friend!!!! Blessings of the Season and hugs...............................

  7. Love this and especially because the marking was minimal with no markings to erase!

  8. that turned out so fantastic - Thanks for sharing the tip o your marker. And !! Very glad the ice is ready for you ( ha ha)

  9. Wow, fabulous quilting! Your freehand feathers look wonderful!