Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Second International Round Robins Revealed!


Today I’m sharing the final quilt tops of our second International Round Robin, a project I have been doing with Lori (Canada), Bronwyn (Australia) and Desley (Australia).   We have all received our quilt top back so it is time to share them on our blogs.  Back in July I shared Round Three which shows all the blocks and you can see those here .  It’s hard to believe we have been working on this for a year now.   I was given Bronwyn’s blocks and it was my job to make a quilt top out of the blocks made in the first three rounds.  I decided to add a lot of background fabric and put the blocks on point to create space for quilting designs!    I know that Bronwyn takes some of her quilt tops to Desley to quilt.   I added a bit of Celtic applique around the center block and used all the remaining focus fabric that traveled with the blocks to create the outer border using the flying geese blocks.


Here is Desley’s quilt top that Lori put together.  Just look at those borders!!!  I’m still blown away by this one and I know Desley love it.   Great job Lori!   I’m sure she will share more picture of this beauty on her blog soon.

This is Lori’s quilt top that Bronwyn put together.    Again I am amazed at the design elements that have been used and look forward to seeing how Lori quilts this one.


And here is my quilt top that Desley put together.  Again I love the layout and those borders!!  Lots of great quilting space for me to play with too.


As I was taking a few picture of my top today I realized that this quilt would look great on a square table!


I also had to hang if from my new screen door on the Shack, love finding new places for pictures!


So I wonder which one of us will get theirs quilted first?    If you never saw the results of our first Round Robin you can see those quilt tops here.


  1. Beautiful! There is a lot of trust involved in this, heh??

  2. They all turned out beautiful and so unique!

  3. Very cool. They all look wonderful and I can't wait to see them all quilted.

  4. I am very confident that it won't be me that has mine quilted first.

  5. I am confident that Kathy will have hers quilted first! Some of us have some ufos!

  6. Super, super fun!! Admitting to some jealousy :) These are going to be stunning, each one of them, when they do get quilted.