Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Patio Quilt


This is Kerri’s Patio quilt and the pattern is by Happy Zombie which you can find here.  The fabrics are by Mixologie and were purchased at Road 17 N in WInkler.    Kerri selected  a few pantographs that she liked and left the choice up to me so I picked Gatsby.    She sent a grey Fireside backing and I paired that with Quilters Dream Blend batting to make for a snuggly quilt!


The ice is getting a bit thicker so I have been venturing out more.  There is now a large pressure ridge across our bay so the water was seeping through that and freezing quickly the last couple of nights.    Made for a nice picture, it looks like a road!


There are also a lot of interesting ice formations from the wind and a lot of hoar frost crystals.  I spent some time taking pictures of those this morning.



The hoar frost crystals grew different this year and have multiple parallel layers where as in the past they intertwined more.  The frost crystals are the size of a quarter.



  1. Wow! What amazing pictures! That quilt is beautiful too.

  2. Wow Kathy,
    Those pics are wonderful! I so enjoy seeing the seasons change in your neck of the woods!

  3. Beautiful quilt! and I really like that panto that you used. Your frost pictures are spectacular - isn't mother nature great!

  4. Your pictures are gorgeous, love the quilt and especially the frost pictures. I've never seen such formations.

  5. I love that quilt! Great fabric for that pattern and your choice of panto was perfect for it. Those frost crystals are amazing - they are so beautiful.

  6. I enjoy your outdoor pictures so much, you live in a beautiful place. The snow and ice make a nice backdrop for your quilting and quilts.

  7. Very nice and I always love seeing your ice pictures.