Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Three Shades of Grey

This is Moira’s quilt and it was a kit she purchased online.  She thought the kit was made with shades of blue so was surprised when it arrived and it was grey.  We have all had that experience ordering online but even thought it wasn’t what she was expecting it is still a very striking quilt.  Since the piecing is very simple I chose a wavy panto called Bayside to add texture.  I used grey So Fine thread on top and grey Bottom Line on the back, and Quilters Dream Blend batting.
I helped Moira pick a backing at our guild retreat as we were very luck to have Shari from Road 17 N set up shop and join in our retreat.   She had the Zen Chic collection called Ink that was a great match to the solid greys on the top.
See how the quilt looks blue in this next photo!  That is why it is best to shop at quilt shops! :)

Still no snow but this morning the lake is starting to develop some ice along the shoreline.


  1. Perfect quilting choice, those curvy lines really offset the squareness of the piecing design. Nice texture.

  2. Simple piecing, yet with your choice of quilting you have bought the quilt to life. Yes it does pay to buy from quilt shops, support local where you can! BTW.......love the backing! Have you seen some of the backing fabrics Angela Walters has bought out? Super scrummy!