Thursday, February 27, 2020

Disappearing Hourglass Quilt

Audrey pieced this lovely Disappearing Hourglass quilt using Kate and Birdie's Winter Lane collection.  The pattern is a Missouri Star Quilt Company tutorial, you can see the video here.

I used off white So Fine thread, Quilters Dream Blend batting and Bora Bora for the pantograph design.

The backing was a perfect colour match!  It is Nest by Lella Boutique in aqua.

Its been warming up here a bit, getting a few days above freezing so that has been nice. 


  1. Beautiful quilt. The inner and outer borders really enhance the quilt along with the quilting design choice. The quilt industry sure has been blessed with the arrival of Jenny Doan and company. I always love ❤️ �� �� your posts. They are well written, articulate, and filled with the most gorgeous pictures. I’m just guessing that on a few of those bitter cold days you may perhaps procrastinate a few moments before heading out to snap those breathtaking pictures that you always share with us. So that I can sit next to my cozy wood stove sipping my favorite tea and enjoy the scenery along with each stunning quilt. IDK how you can consistently transform each lovely quilt into knock down and out beauties. A talent like this is truly a gift. Thanks for sharing with me and all the others of us ‘out here’.

  2. Lol, the question marks are more hearts. 💕

  3. Isn't it a wonderful feeling to have a completion of project!