Saturday, February 8, 2020

Inventory Reduction Sale on Now!

Thought I would share the news of a sale in our Highway 10 Designs Etsy Shop and on our new Website.  We have 6 of our paper patterns on sale for 50% off!  Who doesn't love a sale!

Here are the 6 paper patterns that we put on sale.  

Now for those that are new to my blog I should clarify that I also design quilt patterns with my friend Lori Suss and we are Highway 10 Designs. I know many of you read my blog through readers like Bloglovin or get my post via emails so don't see all the things Highway 10 on my blogs side bar.  I also have a list of tutorials ( fabric dyeing, free patterns, quilting tutorials, photography tips, etc), and a link to my Pinterest and Instagram page on there as well.  If you want to start getting my blog by email you can find the 'follow by email' form on my side bar.  So I just want to invite you to come visit my actual blog site if it has been awhile.

Another thing you many not know about is I do have a website for Tamarack Shack.  I just recently had my pantograph section updates with some new pantographs and took off some older designs that I wasn't using. Lots of great info on how to prepare you quilt for longarm quilting and a gallery of photos of quilts I have worked on. 

 I also have a Facebook page for Tamarack Shack as well as for Highway 10 Designs

Now back to my usual quilting posts!

This is Jenni's Star Wars quilt and I was so happy to finally be able to use one of my new pantographs called Galaxy!  It was perfect for this quilt.

I used blue So Fine thread and Quilters Dream Blend batting.  The quilting shows up so well on the solid black backing!


  1. Hi, what is that blue and brown fringed blanket on your Longarm Quilting page? It really caught my eye as it's different from a "regular quilt". Is it fleece?

  2. Check out Dec 1, 2010 blog post, it shows the whole process of making this feathered fleece throw. You can also search my blog in the search bar at the very top left corner with the word 'fleece' and see all the other fleece throws that I have made!