Friday, February 14, 2020

Four Patch Charm Quilt in Black

Lori pieced this bright and bold quilt using my free pattern called Four Patch Charm Quilt which can be downloaded off my sidebar.  Lori used a solid black background to allow the bright batik fabrics to pop!

I quilted it with the Mimosa pantograph, used black So Fine thread and Lori brought a Pellon Cotton batting.

It was a chilly morning to be out taking quilt pictures in snow. It was -32'c and colder with the windchill!


  1. COLD, I doubt if anywhere here in NZ has managed to go that low, maybe close to it, once in the South Island. Love those brights against the black, and with the white setting on snow, perfect, even if your fingers froze.

  2. Just to set the record straight, this is from Google, "Between July 15 and 18 in 1903, temperatures in Ranfurly plummeted to -25.6 Celsius degrees, NZ's lowest-ever recorded temperature" Stock froze to the snow, water pipes burst, diesel froze in vehicles, and homes in NZ back then were not geared up as well as you are up North. No double glazing then, and fires would have been kept going for weeks on end.

  3. Oh, BRrrr! but such a cozy quilt will help keep you warm! Even the colors speak of warmth.