Thursday, January 29, 2009

Finally Cutting Into My Winnings!

Last year a friend and i entered the Northcott Quest of the Cure block contest and placed third. Part of our prize was $1,000 worth of Fat Quarters which turned out to be about 330 fat quarters. We had fun spliting up the fabric and even put aside some for a quilt we will work on together and then donate to a local charity.

Yesterday i finally dug into my box of winning fabric and picked out 12 baby flannel fabrics. Using the Yellow Brick Road pattern i was able to make two baby tops. I still need to find borders and backing but since i don't need any baby gifts right now i can wait until my next trip to Winnipeg. I think i'll be using the Yellow Brick Road pattern a few more times as it used up all the fabric leftovers. I hate leftovers, i usually sacrific them to the fabric gods...with a trip to Paradise (our aptly named local dump). If you've seen my quilting space you'll understand why.

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