Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Open House

Welcome to Tamarack Shack. This weekend i learnt that i can snuggly fit 10 people in my quilting studio and had a total of 33 people visit my 'shack' during my open house. I never thought that i would own my own business, that was the lowest thing on my 'to do' list but it is a small home business and i think i can handle that.

Since this is my first blog entry i'll explain the name of my longarm quilting business.
Tamarack...because my yard if full of tamarack..yes they usually grow near swamps but the $$$ we spend on truck loads of sand over the years has rid us of the labrador tea.

Shack...because the 12'x 16' shed that was once full of tools is now a heated quilt studio thanks to my darling hubby. Don't worry dear i still have more renos for you to do next summer...the shack needs a bigger deck with a screened in porch!

I have wanted to own a longarm machine for a few years but no space in the house. Thank goodness for company bonuses and my husbands desire for a 2 storey garage...once that was built all i wanted was the the shed by the house to be all mine. And now there is a 2008 Millennium in there that seems to finally be cooperating with me, it gave me a lot of stress at the beginning but i'm not afraid to use a screwdriver and it knows that now.

I'll try to attach some pictures from the open house but my dial-up internet, thanks to my rural local, makes that a bit challenging. But i don't seem to be tired tonight so i'll give it a go.

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