Sunday, July 18, 2010

Home Again...with Fabric

We are now back from our two week stay in Winnipeg and during that time I discovered a quilt shop that I will definately be visiting again.  In Morden, Manitoba there is a shop called The Quilter's Jewel and it is a real jewel.  The layout and fabrics were beautiful and the staff so friendly.  Here I found my fabric for my guilds next Mystery Quilt project, the batiks pictured above.  That is a batik black, not a Kona black.  I wanted the fabric to be the same so I splurged.   I had no idea what color palette to use for this quilt so I was open to anything and since I rarely work with black this will be working out of my comfort zone which is a good thing.
I also had a few things I wanted to pick up for the guild for some projects we are working on.  I missed our guild meeting this month because of this trip and the only orders I left to my VP was to not touch the Ice Cream Cone blocks....I was on a mission to find fabric to go with those blocks.
This is what I found and there is enough for 4 quilts plus backing...yes I found a great sale!  :)
I also picked up this cute collections for another guild project and it will be for making baby quilts using the Disappearing Nine Patch pattern.  Yes, another great sale!
Hope the guild members like the fabrics I found!  If not I'll have no problem keeping it :)


  1. I like those mystery quilt fabrics. I am glad to hear someone other than myself is having some issues with fabric colours to choose. The Quilters Jewel really is a rare gem. A

  2. Love the disappearing Nine patch material. Also your mystery quilt fabrics give me more ideas- I have been looking on line but have yet to settle on anything! The dots are going to be great for the ice cream cones. We have to confess that we had the squares out and were playing with them!

  3. That was some sale shopping you did!! Beautiful and fun fabric :) Yay you!

  4. Oh darn, Kathy, I was hoping to see you while you were in Winnipeg. We'll have to try to get together next time. Isn't Pearl's shop gorgeous! I love going there and I love the fabrics you bought. Very yummy! I'm anxious to see your Disappearing 9-patch, it will be so pretty! Glad you hear you had so much fun -- enjoy!

  5. Yes while the cat was away the mice really did play with the ice cream cones squares-but only played.
    Love all the fabric especially the black! R

  6. Yes Linda we will have to try to get together the next time I'm in town.
    As for the guild mice playing with the ice cream block...aren't you glad you waited?? I knew they would be to hard to resist sewing but playing with is just fine!