Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hug Me Quilt

 Our guild makes "Hug Me" quilts that are specifically made for our members who are dealing with medical issues and up here that usually involves going to a larger city for treatment for a few months.  We like to give them a quilt to take so they know we are thinking of them while they are away from home.
This is the first of two I volunteered to quilt this summer and I wanted the quilting design to be cheery.  My Daisies Galore panto seemed to suit the floral fabric and I also used a light varigated Rainbow thread.  I took these pictures in the morning sun so the quilting really stands out but under indoor lighting it is less intense looking!
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  1. The Hug Me quilt looks great, Kathy. Your daisy panto was definitely the right choice. I am looking forward to seeing the variegated thread on the quilt. I think it will compliment the multicoloured fabric exquisitely. A

  2. Love this panto. the quilt looks great!

  3. I like the floral panto that you chose! The daisies dance around the quilt like a huge flower garden. Guaranteed to put a smile on anyone's face! G