Monday, August 23, 2010


It's August so that means Back to School shopping and Back to Work/Quilting shopping for me.  This weekend we drove 4 hours to the nearest mall for the Back to School stuff  which was quite a painful process for my boy who hate shopping.  We made it a weekend trip and the highlight for me was the going to the sporting goods store to decide which kayaks to buy.   Tim thought it would be nice to get two and make it more of an activity for us and not just me and I'm all for that.   We made our decesion and are waiting on the stores fall sale to place our order.   My friend 'S' has lent me her kayak for a few weeks this summer and I have been enjoying it immensely so a BIG THANKS to 'S' for sharing your toys. I am so glad you were able to go for a paddle on our lake this summer too.

Now to my quilt shopping.  As you can see I found an inner border and batik backing for my quilt.  I was hoping to have this one quilted this summer but the three week shipping wait on the backing kind of changed those plans. Shopping for fabric online can be well tricky at best but I am very happy with the backing I received.  You never know how accurate the colors are in the pictures on some website but I am happy to report that Hancock's of Paducah are very accurate so two thumbs up to them.

I also placed a new pantograph order at Willow Leaf Studio and have 10 new pantos coming this week.  I also received this first one as a gift from Lori , I let her quilt a lap quilt on my Millie this summer.   I can hardly wait to get these in the mail and try some new designs.


  1. Lovely choice of pantos Kathy, you won't get bored with all those to choose from!

    Best wishes
    Kay in Scotland

  2. Interesting pantos. I am sure you will have requests to use some of them almost before they arrive. Your inner border/backing is going to compliment your quilt wonderfully. It was worth the wait. A

  3. Hi Kathy, now that's some purdy batiks you got there, ma'am. I love 'em. Great pantos too, you are going to have soooo much fun! Yup, fall is creeping it's way back, isn't it. I always feel like I need to get re-organized come fall, get my projects lined up. Happy Quilting, my friend! Have fun!

  4. Kathy it looks as if you scored big time on your shopping trip ... yay you! Love the pantos and can't wait to see them in a quilt. Beautiful fabric choices too :)