Sunday, September 19, 2010

Scrappy Star Quilt #2

I have been dealing with a head cold all week and not been too productive.  I did manage to finish my younger son's Scrappy Star quilt and stitching on the binding was a great 'lay on the couch and veg' job for me.  I even let him use the quilt before I had to binding on as I didn't realize he had been impatiently waiting for his quilt to be done. His brother had a quilt....where was his?  I learnt this one morning before he left for school when I told him that I was going to finish piecing his quilt today.  He replied "well it's about time". LOL   Good to know... so I got busy.   I let him pick the panto design and he picked a new one in my collection called Tickle. 

I again used a wool batt, hand dyed the backing to match his brothers with no problems this time. Since I didn't have any more light coloured batiks in my stash I dug into my dyed fabrics and found a blue and beige and then dyed the green and yellow.   Surprisingly the quilts turned out very similar even though a lot of the fabrics are different. Here they are side by side. 


  1. Your younger son has got to be elated! Please tell him I love his choice of panto. It reminds me of the wind among the stars. Another beautiful quilt,Kathy. A

  2. They do look similiar but your quilting does make a difference, though with your background at the lake, you might not quite be giving the quilts a fair shake...who can compete with God's handiwork? Beautiful setting for your gorgeous quilts, Kathy. Great job and lucky sons!!

  3. I love these quilts!! Is this your own pattern? I looked up scrappy star and didn't find any made this way :)