Thursday, September 23, 2010

Two More Sleeps!

Two more days until I take off on my "40th Birthday Cruise/trip" with my high school friends!!!   On Saturday I flight to Winnipeg, meet my sister in law for lunch at the airport as she is flying in from Thunder Bay that morning too.  Great timing.  Then I catch a flight to Vancouver and spent the night with my sister.  I am taking her the "Lizard" quilt so she gets an early xmas gift ( and this makes sure I have room in my suitcase for any shopping I might do on this trip).  Sunday I meet my friends at the port and board the Golden Princess cruise ship for 3 days at sea.  We arrive in Long Beach, CA on Wednesday and spend the next 3 days in this area doing all those touristy things.  Then we are renting a car, driving to VEGAS and staying for 3 days!!  Did I mention that my friends are just a little bit crazy?   Oh I am so looking forward to this trip!

My husband had a great idea that I personalize my ever so common black suitcase with something 'quilty' so I can easily identify it at the airports.  (Not only is he smart but he's cute too!!)  So I made this little quilt block out of some dyed scraps and velcroed it around the handle.  I think that will work great.

So I won't have access to a computer for the next 12 days so my blog will be quiet for awhile.  I have a cupboard full of quilts awaiting my attention when I get back so I am looking forward to getting at those once I return.


  1. WOW! How awesome for you! I can't wait to hear the tails you will have to tell when you return :) Prayers for safe journeys and happy thoughts to you for loads and loads of fun!! Happiest birthday wishes :)

  2. Have a great trip, Kathy. Don't get too crazy. I can hardly wait until you return with lots of stories. Any of your friends quilters or will you have to work on them? A

  3. Wow..What a great safe...and most of all have fun....what a stupid thing to say...all girls together.... course you're going to have fun!!!

    Beat Wishes
    Kay in Scotland

  4. The handle cover idea sounds great! Have to let us know how it works out. Maybe a new item for a sales table?? Smart man you have there!!
    Have fun on you trip! Take lots of pictures! We'll keep quilting to make your to-do pile higher!! E