Friday, January 21, 2011

Asian Quilt ...Plus a Surprise or Two

This is Lorna's Asian Quilt and I love the fabrics she used and the pattern.  She knew she wanted the Dragonfly Pond design and gold colored thread on this one and I completely agreed.  Something about this panto gives it a real asian feel.  It is designed by Irene Steele of Timeless Quilting Designs.

Now to my good news, actually there are two things I want to mention. 
First our little town is getting a new fabric shop!!!!  *Happy Dance**  We have been without a fabric shop for two years and lets just say that was torture!!  I am so excited and can hardly wait to fondle bolts of fabric again when I'm in the mood :) It's going to be pure bliss... Bliss Fabrics and Gifts that is. 

The second bit of news can be found on Jenny's blog here.
I follow both of Jenny's blogs and I would highly recommend you check both of them out, they are great!! Thanks Jenny for the great surprise and putting a smile on my face!!


  1. Perfect pattern for that Asian quilt Kathy. and.....congratulations on your award!

  2. Kathy, congratulations on your award! Again, good choice on the Dragonfly Pond design. G

  3. Well Done You....Of course it's well are a fabulous quilter!