Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Dyeing - Day 2

I am having way too much fun with this snow dyeing and the results just keep getting better and better.  I'm addicted!!  Yesterday I decided to try mixing Teal and Brown, my two favorite colors at the moment, and was just thrilled with the results.  I use Procion MX dyes from G&S Dyes.  I have two brown dyes, #611 Soft Brown and #615 Brown so tried them both with my teal recipe. 
Here they are on the screens with the snow just after pouring the dye on.

  I cut all my dyed fabrics that I have the recipes for (all 172) with my 6 1/2" Square Go cutter die last week so I have nice size samples to refer to when needed. 

 Here are the samples of my teal and #611 Soft Brown...

...snow dyed they made this piece, my new favorite!

My teal and #615 Brown...

...snow dyed made this piece.

And here they are together!  So pretty!

I might get Tim to build some wooden frames so I can stretch these and make wall art.  He received a new uphostery gun for his air compresser this xmas so that would be a great project for him to try, right dear :)

I have two more fabrics in the works down in my dungeon (crawl space) at the moment and I am comparing the difference between snow dyeing on a screen or just dyeing it in a bucket without the screen.  The results I have seen on a few blogs without the screens look very similar to the results with screens so I thought that was a worthwhile experiment.  Are you starting to realize I am quite the GEEK!!!  LOL!

I started working on my clients quilt again on Monday, I haven't abandoned quilting for dyeing....yet!  The nice thing about snow dyeing is it takes 5 hours for the snow to melt giving me lots of time to quilt.  I have a large semi-custom quilt on my machine so should be done that one soon.

Oh, I made this placemats for myself over that holidays and just finished hand stitching the binding on all 10 of them!  I bought a fat quarter pack from Fat Quarter Shop called Honeysuckle Bali Batiks from Hoffman Fabrics, I can't resist a bali sale!!


  1. You are having fun.....much of the snow has disappeared here...but that's OK rally coz we've had it since mid November....I'm sure we wil get more before long

    Best Wishes

  2. I've never tried dying, other than some simple RIT things, years ago. And we get snow about 2 days/year. But I'm tempted to do some research and take a trip to the mountains just for this. It's stunning!!!

  3. Very nice place mats! Do you have a pattern for it to share?

    1. I didn't use a pattern for the placemats, just made it up as I went along!