Saturday, June 18, 2011

Back from Camp Whitney

I just spent three days at Camp Whitney on Lake Athapapuskow with Daniel's Grade 6 class.  This is an annual trip that all the kids in Grade 6 and Grade 8's do each year.  I volunteered to help in the kitchen, my third time as I volunteered to cook when Andrew went to camp too.  But this time things went much smoother that the last time, you can read about that camp here. We had 5 other volunteers in the kitchen so that lightened the work and we all shared a cabin so we didn't have to bunk with 12 year old girls. We actually got some sleep!  We had time to play with the kids too. The picture above it of the kitchen and dining hall and the kids getting ready to play baseball.
The weather was cloudy with rain off and on but that didn't stop any of the activities as it was warm out.  Last time I went it was cold and rainy so I was glad to be in the kitchen by the wood stove that time.

The kids get to go fishing, canoeing, learn orienteering, go on a nature walk, and a good number of them when for a swim ...a very brief swim in the cold lake. 
I was able to join in on the kids nature walk, in the rain.

Saw a tree that had marking from a bear that had climbed it years ago.  The slices from his sharp claws scarred into the bark. It was really neat to see.

The kids had a sports night and played baseball, volleyball and soccer.

Then the next night was the Lumberjack competition.  Here is Daniel, in the red and black jacket, in the Sawing competition

and in the Log Pull competition.
The building behind them is one of the original building from the camp and it was the Nurses station. 

I really enjoy going to camp with the kids and had a great time with the other parents and teacher too.  Amazingly there were no injures, no one got sick and no one got lost or sent home for bad behaviour.  The mosquitoes and sand flies were fierce but that didn't stop anyone from having a good time.  We are a hardy northern bunch!


  1. Sounds like everyone had a good time!!

  2. I read last year's camping adventure, and I am glad you had more parents help this time.

  3. I was thinking of you and the kids everytime it rained but I knew the enthusiasm would remain. Three days at camp is a lot better than three days in a classroom at this time of year. Glad to hear all went well and many fantastic memories were made. A