Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Winter-Wear Quilt

...but first my new bags are here!!!
The simple things in life make me happy and ordering new coloured 'thank you' bag for my customers is one of those simple things.
When I got my first set of burgundy bags I was in a silly mood and wrote a poem. I didn't get that same inspirations this time so if your interested you can read the original one here

Now to the quilt.

At our last quilt show we asked our members to make a Winter-Wear block and had everyone that visited  our show to vote on their favourite block.  We finally got around to sewing the blocks together into a quilt and I think I turned out to be a really fun quilt.
The winning block was Gail's 'Child on the toboggan'.

This is the block that Lori and I made together.

You may be wondering what a close up of a lady's legs in slippers and a flannel nightgown has to do with Winter-wear. Well we like to have some artistic play with our blocks, you know a little creative interpretation.
This maybe a Canadian thing...with the winters last so long here and no one ever seeing your legs for months.
Here is a close up.

Yup...those are hairy legs!!
And yes I stitch all those hairs.
(I used invisible smoky thread.)


  1. Love the quilt! So fun!! Those hairy legs are the best!! You did a beautiful job on the quilting too!!

  2. lololol You guys make me laugh. :) I love the bitty flying geese on the toboggan block.

  3. Glad there are others out there who share out sense of humor! It was a fun block to make.

  4. Kathy, thanks for my first laugh of the day...lol...

    Kay in Scotland

  5. How funny! Quiltfever sent me the link to your site after I posted a picture of quilt with feet in my blog. Who knew there were so many out there!

  6. Fun quilt - love your hairy legs block :)