Friday, May 11, 2012


This is Rae's quilt and she used a pattern called Serenity by Cozy Quilt Designs. She used soft beige, brown and green fabrics and they remind me of the color of sand on a beach, it has a very calm and soothing feeling to it.

She asked for a loftier batting so we chose Quilter's Dream Cotton Deluxe so the panto design would stand out more and it worked beautifully.   She chose Fantasia for a panto design to add some more interest to the quilt. I haven't used this one that much but I really like it and it worked perfect on this quilt.

The backing had a soft butterfly print and the design on the panto looks a bit like butterfly wings.


  1. I'm writing down the name of that it. Another gorgeous quilt.

  2. Such pretty soft colours. I really like that panto, it's looks so great with the batting chosen. Great quilt!

  3. Perfect quilting choice. I love the blue ot the lake behind the quilt.

  4. Beautiful turnout. It is so stunning for such a simple quilt. Who says you have to have an elaborate pattern to make and incredible quilt?