Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Redwork Landscape Quilt

This is Karen's Redwork Landscape quilt that she pieced using 25 redwork squares of her own original design. Each square was based on paintings that she made from her travels to Haines Alaska, Whitehorse Yukon, her hometown of Flin Flon Manitoba and her current residence in Invermere B.C.  Karen would sketch her designs on location and then create watercolor painting based on those sketches.

Here is a close up of one of the redwork blocks.

And here is one of Karen's paintings that see used as inspiration for her redwork design above.  This painting is of a shoreline scene from Pickeral Bay in the Flin Flon area and is about 5"x 7" in size.

Here is another image from the Flin Flon area and is the view from the Ski Hill from Tobacco Road.

Here is the painting it is inspired from.

I just did a simple meander on the log cabin areas of the blocks as she did not want me to quilt over the redwork squares.

What a wonderful way to capture the memories of places visited by sketching, painting and then embroidering the scenes into fabric.  


  1. She has a talent with color/quilt design too! The wash of color across that quilt is beautiful w/out even knowing about the center redwork or the inspiration.

    Your photo layout is very nice too!