Saturday, December 22, 2012

Island Sunrise #3….Mine!


I have been working on my Island Sunrise quilt this week and I’m happy report it is done, binding and all!   


I started by quilting it all in the ditch, actually is was more like 1/8” beside the ditch. I stayed the background around the spikes and I stitched on either side of the ditch to say in the background fabric.   I really wanted the piecing to stand out so I didn’t add extra swirls or waving quilting lines in the blocks as I wanted the sharp lines of the piecing to be the focus in the blocks.  I then added a simple feather in the background.


I spent a bit of time on the outer border as it was a great space to play with a more detailed quilting designs. I had no plan but it  just developed as I worked step by step on it.   I started out by quilting an X though all the squares and then came back and added the second line of quilting.  From there I decided to repeat this image and make a smaller square in the center of each square.   I then added the feather motif and that lead to the small feather motif in the centers of the squares.  I started to quilt a curly design in the open framed space but after doing one square I knew it looked wrong so I stopped.  I took a picture and got a second opinion from a quilting friend and she agreed that I should pick it out.  So glad I did as I really like how the empty space shows off the rest of the designs.


We had 10 cm of snow fall yesterday and it was the light fluffy kind that you can just blow out of your hands.  That make it more difficult to lay a quilt on as the snow just flies up and covers the quilt!  


This was the last of my quilt top that needed quilting so now I better get piecing so I have more to quilt in the new year.


  1. Absolutley love the border. Great job, Kathy.

  2. Wow, that outer border quilting is phenomenal!

  3. That border is beautiful - yeah, the empty space really makes the design pop. This is such a pretty quilt. :)

  4. Once again I am gob smacked!!




  5. Awesome. Some day I hope to be as good as you! Keep inspiring us by showing what we can do if we believe!

    Merry Christmas.!

  6. This is absolutely stunning. I love the colors. I enjoy looking at your projects. I would love to be able to tackle something like this someday......maybe....

  7. Beautiful quilting. I love the border design.


  8. Gorgeous way to quilt a scrappy border! LOVE IT! It looks like a ton of work, but totally worth it! Great, great, great job!

  9. Beautiful quilt, and love the quilting you did! Love that borders!

  10. Oh, yes, I love it, too! Great colors and wonderful border. I'm going to make me one of those whenever I get over my phobia of paper piecing.

  11. What a beautiful job you did on the quilting, the thread color blends in so well, just wondering what color and kind/weight did you use? Just awesome.

  12. Irene I used two colors of threads on this quilt. A brown So Fine 50wt. thread in the outer border and on the dark fabrics in the center, then a lighter beige So Fine in the lighter fabrics.