Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Replacement

celtic block

It was –34’c this morning when I took this picture, the cracks on the ice have really opened up in the cold.

I finally have all 100 block completed for my Just Takes Two Mystery Project!!!   I decided to pitch the instructions for the hand pieced block and make one that I would enjoy….a Celtic knot block!  I love doing Celtic appliqué, it was the perfect way to personalize this quilt.  I was going to machine appliqué it but then changed my mind hand appliquéd the bias strips down and am very happy with the results.   I’ll even share a close up of my stitches :)   I found this very relaxing to do.

close up

Our guild’s Christmas party is next week and I volunteered to take care of our silent auction.  We have had some beautiful hand made items donated to the auction this year and I also wanted to add a few pre-cut fabrics into the mix.  Here is a teaser for my guild members of some of the fabrics I purchase with the guilds money!   These were all purchase on Black Friday sales so the guild will definitely make money on these items.



  1. Beautiful applique Kathy. Wish I was in your guild!

  2. You certainly are multi-talented! Those are beautiful applique stitches. And what a great idea to have an auction at your Christmas party! Am definitely going to pass that along to the members of the local guild. It is in a rebuilding stage and always looking for fresh new ideas that are fun and also raise some funds for workshops. Thanks!

  3. A beautiful 100th block. It will definitely put your signature in your quilt. Glad to hear you decided to hand applique. It is so relaxing; just the thing for today's frigid temperatures.

  4. i like it when people on their blog relate to nature and i get little glimpses of their environment...love the lake photos the ice photos