Thursday, April 18, 2013

Perfect Ten Quilt


This is Maxine Perfect Ten quilt that she made for her mother who just moved into a nursing home.  What a lovely gift and I’m sure her mom will love the fabrics!  Maxine asked for the Hearts in Bloom panto and I suggested the Dream Puff batting to keep it nice and light for her mom.

max2 max3 max4


  1. That is beautiful, Kathy. I love the colours in it. Maxine's Mom will love it.

  2. You are one very talented longarm quilter. Wish I lived closer to you. They just sing so to speak. Perfect choices on all of them. I enjoyed looking at your blog pictures. Daisy

  3. Oh, I love your quilts! I love this particular one because those are the colors of my bedroom. I also want to compliment you on how you photograph the quilts. Beautiful!