Thursday, June 13, 2013

Back from Camp for the Last Time

Not much quilting going on here this week as I spent 3 days working kitchen duty at my son’s Grade 8 camping trip.  This was my fourth and final time volunteering at this camp as the school only organizes this activity for  the grade 6 and 8 students and I went with both boys for both grades.   There were three of us working in the kitchen and we got along great so that made it a lot of fun.  Only had to deal with one minor incident and that was due to the previous group at the camp leaving a puddle of bacon grease in the oven. When we turned on the oven for the first time we were wondering why smoke was pouring out of it!   We opened up the oven door to find a flaming grease puddle!!  We shut the door and the fire eventually suffocated but the kitchen and dining hall was full of smoke!  Took a few hours for that to clear and we joked that since we all smelt like smoked bacon the bears will be looking for us licking their lips!  Thanks goodness there were no bear sightings this trip.  It rained on and off but that didn’t stop any of the kids activities.  They canoed, fished, hiked and baked bannock over the campfire whether it was raining or not.   I took these pictures early on morning before the kids were up.
camp1 camp2
                                                                                 Here is the kitchen/dining hall and the next pictures is of some of the cabins, there are 10 in total.
We came home Wednesday and then today I took the boys to the orthodontist which is a 800km return trip so tonight I’m exhausted!!  Don’t think I’ll be doing any quilting until next week as I’m so behind with the housework and still have to finalize a few more details on our kitchen renovation.


  1. L'ambiente, del campeggio e dove abitate, รจ stupendo!

  2. Great photos , it looks like a wonderful camp!

  3. grease fires are no fun! wonderful looking camp!

  4. Love your photos! Looks like you had a great time. I'm looking forward to our summer holidays, and hopefully the weather will be good for trips in the forrest :-)