Friday, June 7, 2013

Lovers Knot


This is Gail’s Lovers Knot quilt and it’s 100” x 112”!   I love the colors she picked as the soft green and pink are very complimentary.  I chose to quilt it with the Whirlygig panto since the green fabric has a subtle leaf print.  The batting is Dream Blend and the thread a medium green So Fine thread. It looked so good nestled in with the green in my yard!


Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments and emails about our new quilting pattern.   The first person who bought our pattern off our Etsy site was Gail and she said will be sending it to me to quilt!  :)



  1. Pretty quilt. Your photos show it off beautifully.

  2. Kathy! I love it! This quilt is for my Mother in Law for Christmas. She is going to be thrilled. You are so talented.

  3. Very pretty quilting design. Just lovely,