Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Guild Quilts for Dialysis


Our guild is very generous with donating quilts to our community.  A few years ago we gave quilts to the hospitals dialysis department and we have seen that they have been well used and in need of new quilts.  These are just three of the many that will be make there way over to the hospital soon.


  This first one is quilted with the Starlight panto and I quilted this one sideways so the pattern runs vertical, not horizontal.   The pattern is called Bundle of 12 – Treetops.quilt7  quilt4

I remember this one was going to be a Bento Box quilt but the Key Lime batik bundle didn’t look very good in that pattern….or so the quilt member who donated this top to the guild said!  :)  She used the quarter sections of the blocks to create this original design.  The panto is Plush.

quilt2 quilt3  quilt9

The last quilt was made using the Bundle of 12 pattern and  I used the Feather Curls panto.  All the quilts have Dream Blend batting and Ultra Cuddle on the backing.  For the record I hate Ultra Cuddle as it is not really meant to be used for quilt backs like Cuddle is, I don’t mind quilting with Cuddle/Minkie.  I did a rant on Ultra Cuddle a few months ago  and complained about how stretchy it is but that was after the guild ordered two bolts of it!    So this week I tackled this icky job to get it over with, the ladies at the guild owe me big time!  :)

quilt5 quilt6

Great news….the snow is melting!!   Its +9’c and the sun is now shining!  The snow might be gone by the end of the month if we are lucky!


  1. Yes, we owe you big time, but the dialysis patients will be so appreciative of the warm, cuddly backing. Great job, Kathy. I especially like your use of the panto on the Bundle of 12 Treetops.

  2. This is such a great project for those on dialysis. They say some of those units are so cold as are the units where people go for chemo. I love the quilts.
    Your fish tank is so cute!

  3. Such lovely quilts and wonderful that you donate them to the Dialysis. We make quilts for several of the local women's shelters. Quilts for both the Moms and the children and they can take them when they leave the shelter. It is very rewarding.

  4. Gosh, and that ultra looks so perfectly quilted, too - great work, Kathy!

  5. Beautiful quilts and quilting again!

  6. These are great! How rewarding it must feel to do something wonderful for your community too! :)

  7. When you load the cuddle or Minky do you load it salvage on the rollers or the cut edge?

  8. They all look great and it is wonderful that so many are able to help those who need some quilty love to comfort them.