Friday, April 11, 2014

Rhubarb Pie Quilt


This is Trina’s Rhurbarb Pie quilt by Madison Cottage Designs, just the name makes my mouth water!  Yummy fabrics!    Trina lives down in Kentucky but she use to live in Flin Flon so I am very flattered that she still mails me her quilts to quilt for her.   The original pattern was for a 72” x72” size quilt and she ask from my help to make the pattern 90”x100” and we figured it out.


She asked for a panto design in the center and custom border.  I used the Rhapsody panto for the center and a leaf design in the border.  Quilters Dream Blend batting and Yellow So Fine thread.  You may be wondering why yellow as the quilt is mainly a light green but the yellow looks like green on the green fabrics and pink on the pink fabrics.  I always spend time auditioning different colors of threads on the quilt top before I start as I am always surprised at what color works…its never my first thought!

trina3 trina4

Today was a perfect day to take a quilt out on the lake as it is –16’ this morning.   It was melting yesterday but now that it has frozen again I can easily walk on top of the snow so made laying out the quilt a breeze!  Yesterday when I tried to walk down to the lake every step I took I was breaking though the packed snow and stumbling all over, my husband even got his car stuck in our driveway as it had a foot of slush on it!

trina5 trina6

The little ice rink was full of water yesterday from the melting snow but is now frozen over again.  As you can see it is now smaller than Trina’s quilt!  When I was in Winnipeg last week at the Quilt Show I found out from a vendors that sells our Highway 10 patterns that I am known as the ‘quilter who takes quilt pictures in the snow.’     I think I have a few more weeks of being that quilter…wonder what they call me the rest of the year?   :)



  1. I am so very happy with the quilting :-) thanks so very much for the pattern adjustment help.

  2. Rhubarb pie, yum! Very pretty quilt - and beautifully set off by your quilting.



  3. What a gourgeous quilt - phantastic colouring and matching quilting!

  4. My first thought when I saw your post title was "yum Rhubarb Pie"!! Very pretty quilt. It is always interesting to see how different thread colors look on the fabric. I don't think I would have even auditioned yellow...will have to remember that!

  5. Which designer is the Rhapsody panto by, please?

  6. Those are great colors together and I would have never thought to use Yellow thread. I'll have to remember that one.

  7. Snow Kathy : ) ..... What a great name for this quilt! Rhubarb indeed. The colours are beautiful. And who would have thought
    yellow thread would work on this quilt. Hurrah for additioning threads! Blog question for you.... how did you get your
    blog list to post when a blogger blogged? I can get the list of my favourite blogs but can't seem to get their updated
    blogs online.
    Perhaps you are called "Summer Kathy" when the snow melts and your quilt photos are of summer time decore??