Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Fresh Diamonds


Eileen and Phyl worked on this quilt together as it is a wedding gift for a friend of theirs.  The pattern is called Fresh Diamonds and you can find it free on Craftsy here.   It’s a great pattern to use up scraps!   I quilted it with the Popcorn panto, used light brown So Fine thread and Quilters Dream Blend batting.

eileen2 eileen3 eileen4

The leaves are starting to pop out and I might get brave this weekend and buy a few flowers and plant my vegetable garden. The ice on the lake has only been gone a week!



  1. No border, how interesting and it looks great without one. Sort of a trend, is it?

  2. Brilliant! Real diamonds. And what could be better for a girl? :)

  3. I've been reading you for a year already... And every time, every quilt you make - is a masterpiece! Let me tell you how much I admire you and what you do.
    With the deepest respect,

    1. Thanks you for your kind comment Julia, I'm glad you're enjoying my blog. I'm very lucky to have such talented quilters bringing me their quilts to quilt for them.

  4. Another beautiful quilt! It sparkles! Love your view, it looks so quiet! Hope you will enjoy some lovely weather this weekend:-)

  5. Brown thread? Wow! It looks fantastic! I never would have thought of that.