Thursday, May 15, 2014

Signs of Spring!


So nice to see signs of spring when I returned home today after 10 unplanned days in Winnipeg.   No quilting happening here, that’s why the blog as been so quiet.  I had an opportunity to get some more dental work done ( another crown)  that a local dentist said I needed but when I got to Winnipeg to see my family dentist he said that the tooth is not strong enough for a crown as the root is reabsorbing!  He sent me to a Endodontic specialist and he agreed, no crown, no root canal…it will just have to be pulled eventually.  He also said my face pain problems are related to my teeth clenching so I am back home still feeling crappy!  Think I need to take a different approach to my face pain now….any teeth clenchers out there with any suggestions for me.  I hate wearing the splint at night!!!

It as also a good for me to spend a week with my mom as my grandmother is in the hospital so I was able to drive us to visit her everyday and give my mom a break from the 4 hour of city bus rides she does every day to see her!  I could drive us to the hospital across town in half an hour!  It was good to see my grandmother get stronger over the week and eating better too!  I told her that was because I came to visit!  :)

So you can imagine my quilting ‘mojo’ is pretty low right now but I hope to get back at it next week.  Looking forward to spending the long weekend with my husband and boys.  Might get the canoe out to paddle around the ice and take pictures of the Northern Pikes that are swimming around the shoreline.  The loons are back and it is so nice to hear their song again.  Spring is here!!



  1. sorry to hear about the dental woes--I used to clench my teeth while sleeping; had a retainer thingy but would actually take it out in my sleep. So that was a waste of $. I don't clench/grind anymore--it's a mystery to me. Headache pain is awful. hoping you have a good weekend with your family.

  2. Your pictures are so lovely, and very soothing and inspirational to me. Sending best wishes your way!

  3. Kathy, I so feel your pain in the mouth. I have spent the two years dealing with implants and now new crowns are in the works. I miss seeing your beautiful quilting and hope you are able to get your mojo back soon. Hopefully some time in the canoe will give some peace (or quilting piece). This Canadian in California would love to have the coolness of your spring, it's already in the 90's here.

  4. I wear a mouth guard at night and it has helped a lot. I also notice when I start to clench my teeth during the day and try to relax when I feel it.

  5. My family all grind or clench! A mouth guard made by your dentist to fit you might do the trick, the first one my new dentist made was of some hard material, you want the one made of what seems to be silicone/plastic not totally soft but not uncomfortably hard either - easy to get used to and a real relief. We joke about it as in "have yer got yer teef in dear?". Good Luck!

  6. Glad to see you're back, Kathy. Too bad about the dental work - ugh! I was beginning to worry about you! So nice to see the birds back! We were at our cabin on Lake Winnipeg this weekend - totally frozen. But we did have cranes, geese, ducks, red wings and chickadees so spring was in the air.

    On another note, I bought a kit of the LugNut quilt at the Manitoba Quilt show and am so excited to get to it! Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Colleen I hope the ice is gone off Lake Winnipeg for you soon! So glad you like our Lug Nuts quilt, make sure you send me a picture of yours! Your a no-reply blogger now so I couldn't send you an email! :(