Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New Pedal to the Metal Quilt


Back in April at our guilds Quilt Show Lori was here visiting and as we were shopping the vendor surrounded by beautiful batiks we realized we needed to buy fabric for a quilt.  So we decided to make a sample of our Pedal to the Metal Quilt C as we didn’t have that one on hand as the original one was made by a friend who tested the pattern for us.  This also lead to the decision  to redo our pattern cover as it  didn’t have a proper focus or show the woven effect of Quilt A .   We were really rushed the day we did the original cover so I wanted to give it another try.  I was hoping to get another outdoor shot but trying to get three quilts in one shot was proving to be very difficult.  Also the weather has been pretty miserable this spring, lots of rain and wind so I thought I would give indoor photography a try.   Not my strong suit but I’m happy with the final result!  I cleared out the living-room furniture and hung Quilt A on the wall and then used my quilt ladder to hang Quilt B + C.    I think this layout give the pattern cover more of a focus.

Here is the old cover

cover pedal12

And the new cover!

pedal cover

I used a new pantograph called Allium which might become my new favourite panto for light density quilting!



Love how this quilt looks on the limestone rocks!  The navy diamonds really pop.



  1. The quilt has really beautiful colours - and the quilting pattern is one of my favorite kind, I love such gentle swirls!

  2. What unusual quilts! Wonderful photo!

  3. oooo - Those navy diamonds are wonderful. :D We've had a lot of rain, too, this spring/summer. I haven't been able to quilt as much, and it's all on my monster king-size DWR, so I haven't felt the impact for photo ops of finishes. But boy, does it make for super-challenging indoor photos, too, as the light's so subdued - like having winter light indoors all year!

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