Friday, July 11, 2014

Paper Pattern and GoPro Fishing

The paper versions of Quarter Sections is finally in my hands!   You can find it on our Etsy shop or if you're a local quilter I’ll have them at our guilds UFO day Saturday and the guild meeting on the 15th.

I haven’t started any new quilting project since I finished my Metro Hoops quilt so I thought I would share a video my son made using some footage I took using his GoPro camera.   I have noticed a lot of little Perch living under our dock this year so thought I would test the underwater feature of  my sons camera.  I set up a mini tripod and got some good video and then I tried just holding the camera under water to film what as under our boat. I had no idea just how many little Perch were swimming under there!  It was a great surprise


  1. Kathy: What an amazing school of fish. Thank you for showing us the underside of Manitoba :)
    So, will the next design coming out of Highway 10 have fish or perch in the quilt pattern??