Thursday, July 23, 2015

Fabric, Friends and Fairies


Wow summer is flying by!    I have been on holidays with the family for the last two weeks, I’m sure you guessed that with the blog so quiet, and we drove 4,000km to visit family and friends.  My son got to see two Nascar races in Canada, here it is called the Canadian Tire series and they just happened to be racing in Edmonton and Saskatoon when we were there.  And of coarse to make sure I was happy we stopped at a few quilt shops.    One was Quilting from the Heart in Camrose, AB.  I have known the owner Ardelle for about 6 years online as she is a longarm quilter and it was so nice to finally meet her in person.  It was like meeting an old friend, we talked for two hours straight and I left we a very large bag filled with most of the beautiful batiks you see in the pictures above.  Here we are in front of her shop so if you are ever in Camrose or near Edmonton this is a must stop for you!

photo 2

While I was in Edmonton visiting family my SIL got me started on a new little hobby, Fairy Gardens!    I never in a million years thought I would be buying tiny little fairies, frogs, gnomes, chairs and garden tools to put in my rock garden.  I am not a trinket person at all but from some reason liked the idea of adding these pieces to my garden.  Wonder how long they will last until the squirrels start stealing them all?


I have a spot in my rock garden that I let grow natural and it is filled with small trees, thyme and cranberries.  It seemed to be the perfect spot to play.



  1. I love your fairy garden! I have always wanted to make one or two...I have five acres here, and there are two groves of trees planted by previous owners. One grove is where I will be making a whole lot of fairy buildings and such. It's a fair sized grove, and I was thinking it would be fun when friends and family come to visit where their kids could meander through and find the fairy treasures. Plus, I will probably hide out in there when I need a minute to myself.

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    1. And your batiks are gorgeous. Do you have a plan for them?

  3. That whole idea (mini gardening) is beckoning me, also. Yours is so sweet!!!!!