Friday, July 24, 2015

International Round Robin #2 – Round Three


This past year I have been working on a Round Robin with Lori, Desley and Bronwyn and we are calling it the International Round Robin as Desley and Bronwyn live in Australia and Lori and I are in Canada.  We finished the third round of our Round Robin in June and I worked on Desley’s blocks this time.  I made two 12” blocks and two 6” blocks to add to the blocks made already and here they are all together.   I have now sent these to Lori to work on for Round Four.

round robin 3 (6) (1)

Desley worked on Lori’s blocks and made two 12” star blocks and four 6” star blocks.


Here are all Lori’s blocks and they will be sent to Bronwyn to put the quilt top together.


Bronwyn worked on my blocks and made these four 12” blocks.


Here are all my blocks and Desley will be putting the quilt top together for Round Four.


Lori worked on Bronwyn’s blocks and made four 9” blocks.


Here are all Bronwyn’s blocks and I will be putting them together for Round Four.

Now the rules for Round Four are:

-use every block received in the top

-can not unpick or cut blocks

-can use all, some or none of the remaining consistent fabric received with the blocks.

-new blocks can be made to add to the top

-sashing, borders, setting triangles, applique can be used to put top together.


I have no idea what I will be doing with Bronwyn’s blocks yet but we have until October to put the quilt top together.


  1. That's fantastic and really interesting! I'm looking forward for October to see the finished tops!
    Greetings ffrom Germany, Rike

  2. All the groupings are beautiful colors!

  3. All of the blocks that you showed us are gorgeous, but I especially love the brown, aqua and pink batiks. Would some of that fabric be Laundry Basket?

  4. All are beautiful. I look forward to seeing more progress.

  5. So pretty!! I now need to find myself some international quilting friends! :)