Saturday, August 8, 2015

“To Do” List


I have finally been tackling my “to do” list and had some business cards printed up.  Vista Prints was having a 50% off sale so that swayed me to order from them but they are a very smart company and know how to tempt you to buy more!  You’ve been warned!  I know I’m a sucker and I couldn’t resist getting a few mugs with my logo on them too.

The next thing on my “to do” list was to paint my Shack.   Over the last couple of years the cold winters really took a toll on the drywall and some of the plaster has cracked in the corners so Tim patched those up and I picked a new paint colour.  It has been a peachy beige and I thought a blue/grey would be a nice change.


Good bye peach walls.


All done!  The blue really highlights my Island Sunrise quilt on the wall and gives the room a brighter feel.


I did a fun project with my son the other day and thought I would share it with you too.   My son loves Lego and found a YouTube video on how to make Lego Gummy Candies so we gave it a try.  To see the video click these orange words!  We had the Mini-figure moulds already and they turned out really good.  We are making another batch today!



Oh and that pretty plate they are on was a gift from my friend Kirsten who is an amazing Fused Glass artist.  She let me play in her studio this summer and I made a few items!  Can’t share those as they will be gifts but was that ever a lot of fun!!  I keep telling my self “ I don’t need a new hobby, I don’t need a new hobby, I don’t need a new hobby”.   Smile



  1. I love the new color... And your shack is so clean and organized!!! Great work...

  2. Beauty new wall colour, I like it so much more than the original, lighter, shows off your quilt, and I'm sure all others that might get to be on display. Cards and mugs, that's the way to go.

  3. I like the new shack colour. It looks bright and fresh. Those Lego gummies are precious. Is it okay to eat the head first? I am sure you had a lot of fun with Kirsten creating and experimenting. Glass fusing sounds like it would be up there with snow dyeing and all that fun stuff.

  4. Looks fantastic! Love the drawers under your longarm, where are they from?

  5. Love the color and those drawer units under your long arm frame. My boys would love to make the jello Lego. I'll have to look for the molds.

  6. Love the mugs!! Your paint color is really pretty with those quilts!! Good for you!!