Monday, August 3, 2015

Just Checking In!


I don’t usually go this long without posting on my blog so thought I better check in to say that even thought there is not much quilting going on, I’m having a really nice summer.   I haven’t touched my longarm in a month and have only sat down at my sewing machine a few times so nothing to show that is quilting related.    I have been distracted by the lake with kayaking, boating, swimming and walking in the bush.  My sister is visiting right now and we took her on a short drive out to Snow Lake which is about 180km from our place.   It was a cloudy day and only 20’c so a good day to walk in the bush.   We found a few trails to walk that I had never walked before.  But first we stopped at the local dump to drop off garbage and say Hi to the resident bear, then off to Snow Lake for the day.

First stop as Wekusko Falls where we walked the trails and across the two bridges on the Grass River. We watched as snorkelers were swimming in the lake, you can see two of them in the lake pictures below. We asked them what they were doing and they said  watching the fish swim below and some were spear fishing for Pickerel too.


As we drove from Wekusko to Iskwasum we saw a few Sandhill Cranes, there were two adults and two young ones.  It was hard to get a pictures as they were walking so fast to get away from us!  Can you see the young one in the first picture?  He blends in so well.


When we got to Iskwasum we walked the Karst Spring trail.  It was a very rough trail with lots of rocks and tree roots so you had to be care and watch were you were stepping.  It as all worth it as once to we got to the Karst Springs it was a beautiful spot.



Here is were the spring water emerges from under the Limestone formation.


In 2009, a forest fire that came though this area so part of the trail goes though a burn.  It was nice to see so many new plants growing, especially all the raspberries!  I was slowing everyone down in this area as I kept sampling the berries! 



Happy trails!


  1. Wonderful pictures, Kathy! We had one of our local black bears visit last week, picture on my blog with him thinking about trying to get to the bird feeder.

  2. What a beautiful place! Thank you fro letting us join you!

  3. What a wonderful place you live in! Thanks for sharing.