Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Cookies and More!

It's Christmas cookie time again!  You might remember I shared Reindeer Cookies last year and you can see those here.  This year I thought it would be appropriate to make 'Melted Snowman' cookies as our December has been very mild but we have had a lot of snow.  We have had 8 more inches fall in the last few days!    This is a large hand sized cookie and the top hat is a cookie too!

I took a few of these to our Quilt Guilds Xmas party last night and our youngest guest was very happy to be the first one to taste them!

I also wanted to share a set of special paintings my very talented neighbor painted for Lori and I.   A few months ago I was at a local art auction and lost the bid on a small painting I really wanted. My neighbor felt bad for me and offered to paint a similar one as he understood why I liked the image so much.  It was a scene along Highway 10 and with our pattern design company being named Highway 10 Designs I thought it would make a great addition to the Shack!  When I showed Lori a picture of the painting she asked if he could make her one too!  And he said no problem!  Both are based on causeways on Highway 10 near my home but to make them different we asked that mine view south and Lori's view north.  They are 12" square.

Here is mine

And here is Lori's.

This week I have been trying my best to piece a Winter themed quilt on a sewing machine that has worn down feed dogs.   This happened gradually so didn't realize just how bad it was getting until our last guild retreat and a friend asked why was I 'pulling' my fabric through my machine....that's what feed dogs are for.  That's when I started comparing my feed dogs to other machines and wow are they almost completely worn down!  So I found a new set of feed dogs online today and paid the express postage to get it here in a week or two.  I have replaced quite a few parts on my machine and think this might be the last as I have been eyeing a new machine!   

This morning the clouds in the eastern sky were a strange shade of blue and drew me outside to take a few pictures of the new fallen snow..  Hope to see the real blue sky again soon as it feels like it has been cloudy for weeks!

Looking west to the nice white clouds!


  1. Looks so like a huge amount of snow. Did you give me the suggestion for bobbin holders? I used the ice cube tray, then the other day when at a quilt shop to get the new, huge cutting mat, spotted the ones, Sew Mate bobbin case, holding 28 bobbins. Now I have found another one the same, but no brand, at under half that price at another shop here in NZ.Wonderful storage design. And your paintings, the artist captured them so beautifully.

  2. I just love those cookies! So cute! Gorgeous paintings! Super jealous of the snow you have, ours is melting away with the rain so there will be a green Christmas over here... But I guess it will be some sewing involved during the Holidays, so I will not notice it anyway :-)

  3. Beautiful pictures. We've had rain instead of snow in Wisconsin. Can you tell me what kind of cookie the top hat is made from? Those are soooo cute and could be used in Spring for a quilt guild treat. Thanks Lori

  4. Your paintings are wonderful and so appropriate. That was a pretty strange, but wonderful, set of clouds. So glad you were able to capture them in photos.