Friday, July 1, 2016

Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day!   I was able to finish my Homecoming wall hanging by Shania Sunga Designs  just in time for the holiday!  This is part of the Cantik Canada Mystery quilt and though I wasn’t interested in doing the mystery quilt I really loved this piece.
 Most Canadian quilt shops carry this Mystery Quilt and I actually won mine from Fabriculous Quilt Shop.  Speaking of Fabriculous my Manitoba readers will be happy to hear that Wendy is now opening her new Gimli location and the Grand Opening is today! So if your in the area make sure to pop in and see her new shop!

Last night our town had our Canada Day fireworks and so I took my camera and enjoyed the 20 minute show.  This is the first time trying to photograph fireworks and I think I did okay. I haven’t edited or enhanced any of the colours, this is just what I saw!    I was using a 4 second exposure and that seems to work well until the finale.  Had to drop it down to 1.5 seconds or it was a big bright ball of light!

This were shot over Ross Lake and they even had a few fireworks bounce off the water and then explode, that was very cool!



  1. Yay Canada!! Happy Canada Day from Cape Cod, MA🇨🇦🇺🇸

  2. Lovely wall hanging & terrific photos of the fireworks! Thanks for sharing & have a great summer.

  3. Very cool the fireworks!

  4. Love the pics!!! Thanks for sharing my news❤️!

  5. Your wall hanging is wonderful.

  6. I love the wall hanging. You are a great photographer as well.

  7. I love the wall hanging. You are a great photographer as well.

  8. Good job on the Homecoming quilt! I was looking for ideas on how to quilt it and I really like how you outlined the geese and maple leaf and then did some FMQ for the rest. Nicely done!