Saturday, July 16, 2016

Ice Cream Cone Quilt


My Ice Cream Cone quilt is done!    I posted about this quilt top back in April here so that is where you can find all the details about this cute block.   I added a purple batik inner border and pink batik outer border then repeated the purple again for the binding.


I was debating about custom quilting this one but once I realized I wanted to make it a snuggly quilt and use a Cuddle backing with Dream Puff batting I knew a panto would be all it needs.  I like to use Puff batting with Cuddle/Minkie backing as that prevents the long fibres from the backing to beard up into the top fabrics. 


I chose Wave on Wave for the panto and used white So Fine thread.



  1. It's absolutely adorable! Fantastic. I love it!

  2. Very cute and the panto is perfect.

  3. Lovely quilt! I tried minky once on my gammill but ended up with wrinkles on the top... guess I had it stretched too tight or something? How do you do it? xx

  4. LOVE! What a cool quilt for kids!

  5. What a fun quilt! Is that your beans in the garden that you have covered in chicken wire?

  6. Luv the "Wave on Wave" (with splashes!) panto. I might just have to replicate that on my Sweet 16!!!! A fab e2e!!!!! Beautiful as always! Just HAD to 'Pin' that pattern!!!!

  7. The quilting in swirls just looks like big tongues coming to lick ice cream. Well done!