Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Graduation Quilt


In 2017  my youngest will be graduating from high school, where has the time gone!  I recently attended the high school grad fundraising meeting for the Safe Grad party.  Once learning that two of  main fundraising events the students have relied on in the past might not happen I offered to make and donate a quilt if they were interested in selling tickets to raise money.  This ides was received with great enthusiasm from the committee advisors so I got busy doing what I love to do!  It really is a win win situation!


The school colours are red and black and with 2017 being Canada’s 150 I thought I would combine both celebrations. I picked a Cantik Batik Gemstone strip set called “Canada” and added a black batik background.  The pattern is called Sugar Almonds ( free pattern here), a client used this pattern on a quilt I quilted for her last month.  It shows off the fabric collection well and was the right size for a twin bed so would make a great dorm room quilt for a lucky student!


I quilted it with Ebb and Flow but turned the quilt on it’s side so the design looked like flames to match the torch logo for this years grad class.   I used Black Poly Dream batting, black So Fine thread and black Kona for the backing.


Fingers crossed this turns out to be a good fundraiser for the Safe Grad committee!



  1. The red and black on the snow backdrop.........striking!

  2. Very nice quilt! Funny, I just bought my Christmas wrapping paper...all in red, black, silver and white. I was going for the dramatic this year!

  3. The stars aligned on this one! Well done!

  4. Wonderful quilt, sure to garner many ticket sales!

  5. beautiful quilt, kind and generous of you!