Thursday, December 1, 2016

Quarter Section–Oh Canada


This is Eileen’s Quarter Sections quilt and she used the Stonehenge Oh Canada fabric collection.    This is one of my favorite versions of this pattern and I made one without borders which I shared here.   Now I’m regretting not adding a border as Eileen's looks great with them!


I used the Maple Syrup pantograph, beige So Fine thread and Quilters Dream Blend batting.  Eileen brought a red Stonehenge wide backing.


So this has been a very strange fall!  Usually by now the lakes been frozen over for a few weeks and I’m out there shovelling a rink to lay my quilts on.  The lake did start to ice over two weeks ago and then that all melted.  There was no ice around the dock yesterday and this morning about half our bay is frozen.  I really hope it stays this time as I can hardly wait to start walking out on the lake again.



  1. Another beautiful quilt and quilting! I love the colors in this one.
    The weather is certainly a mystery. I can't say much about the weather here. I have no clue what the norm is for this area. I have only been here two years. I am hearing rumors of snow soon though, which will be so different for me. I lived all my life on the central coast of California where 50 degrees was the normal coldest temperature!

  2. I often see your photos on instagram, and then come to your blog to really see them. The Ice crystals and formations are beautiful.

  3. That's a beauty - the reds are SO rich. Love it!