Thursday, November 29, 2018

Nicole’s T-Shirt Quilt

My friend Debby, who I have known since 1997 when she lived in Flin Flon, asked if I would be interested in quilting her daughter Nicole’s T-Shirt quilt.   Absolutely!  I was so excited to hear she was interested in quilting along with all her other crafting interests like knitting, crocheting and wool felting!   She watched YouTube videos and read other online sources to learn how to quilt.  Debby bought her the rotary cutter, rulers and mat so she had the right tools.  She did a fantastic job on the quilt top and stabilized all the t-shirts well!  She used mostly T-shirts from her high school activities including Orchestra where she plays the Cello, and Track and Field where she excels in Pole Vaulting.  This will be a great memory quilt for her of her high school years.
Nicole picked Flirtatious for the pantograph, I used grey So Fine thread and Quilters Dream Puff batting so it will be cuddly and warm.
Nicole will be graduating this coming spring and then off to University to study Kinesiology in the fall.  Here  are a few pictures of her from her grad photo shoot and one of her in action pole vaulting!   She is a very talented young lady and I wish her all the best in her future!

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